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Austin A30 (car)
Sunset on the beach in Winter
Sunset on the beach in summer
Hastings Bonfire Procession
The Writer
Jack in the Green festival
Satine (cat)
Rubdeckias (red and yellow)
Hastings Country Park
Paraffin Winter is a murder mystery novel available as an ebook.  It was written by Peter Chowney, who lives in St Leonards on Sea, next door to Hastings, East Sussex, on the south coast of the UK.  He shares his home with his partner and three cats, a couple of minutes from the sea.  He has one daughter, who is a photographer.

He's had loads of work published, but all of it very dull technical stuff.  Fiction, now that's a different matter.  He's written fiction all his life, and a couple of novels, but not had them published, at least not conventionally.  Here are a few glimpses into his life ...
MG Magnette (car)
View over Hastings Old Town


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